Peyote Radio is a quartet.


Peyote Radio finds genre to be shallow categorization for the ease

of mass market consumption.


Peyote Radio is a rock band.


Peyote Radio smokes cigarettes when they’re drunk.


Peyote Radio are Beatles people.


Peyote Radio are more accurately Stones people.


Several members of Peyote Radio have been accused of being

born and raised in the Angeleno abscess known as the San

Fernando Valley.


Peyote Radio loves their mothers.


Peyote Radio have less daddy issues than most people.


Peyote Radio bemoans the lack of quality or individuality in

modern radio.

Peyote Radio is wondering if you’ll add them to your playlist

pretty please? 

Peyote Radio sings in the shower.


Peyote Radio makes a mean grilled cheese sandwich, just ask

their girlfriends.


Peyote Radio are even more accurately a couple of Stooges.


Peyote Radio regrets the terribly unfunny and entirely pointless exercise in postmodern marketing currently filling the screen of your overpriced and slave made computing device. 


Peyote Radio makes drunken asses of themselves on occasion, or from time to time, or when the wind is blowing south by south west….just ask their girlfriends.


Peyote Radio is a corporation.


Peyote Radio enjoys illicit activities in their free time shhhhh….


Members of Peyote Radio enjoy a myriad of different musical and artistic styles including but not limited to; rock’n’roll, punk, psychedelic, dada, musique concrete, motown, surrealism, folk, jazz, symbolism, haiku, yarn painting, no wave, swing, vaudeville, noise, french new wave Film, British folk, collage, funk,  beat poetry, cartoons, ambient music, transgressive fiction, and David Bowie. 


Peyote Radio are unapologetically and violently hipster….in the old sense of word. 


Peyote Radio hate hipsters, pretension, and all forms of condescending pseudo-intellectualism.


Peyote Radio are good guys to have a beer with.


Peyote Radio are watching their weight and trying to lay off the sauce for a while. 

Members of Peyote Radio are known beer nazis.

Peyote Radio despise all forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and other configurations of irrational hate.


Peyote Radio want you to give them your money. 


Peyote Radio was formed in Los Angeles, CA in 2018.