Sean's "Iggy Pop" Moment at the Viper Room

The night was almost over, the Viper Room had said that there was only time for one more song in Peyote Radio's set. After a brief deliberation, the band decided that they would close the explosive set with their first and only cover of the night, a tribute to one of their most influential artists - Iggy Pop.

As the unmistakable guitar riffs of Search and Destroy filled the air, the crowd was ready to end the night with a bang. What they did not expect was the incredible pulse of showmanship that would follow. Lead singer Sean Nolan, who is no stranger to punk rock antics of jumping off the stage and dancing wherever space allows, was attempting to jump back onto the Viper Room stage when the crowd saw him hit one of the low hanging PA monitors with his head. As the PA swung ominously back and forth, Sean took a beat with his head to the ground, looked up and went right on singing. The faces in the audience turned to horror as everyone noticed that the singer's face was covered in gushing blood that was then running down his shirt and onto the floor. Yet he kept singing. An audience member noticed that the mic had gotten unplugged when he made his jump and ran to the front to plug him back in. As the set finished he made his exit and left the audience feeling like they had witnessed the true rock 'n' roll spirit that many had pronounced dead. We hope many of you will follow us through this journey.


Were you there? Please send us any thoughts, pictures, or videos you may have. Thank you all for your concern, Sean is all stitched up and the band is back in business!

Upcoming tour dates include:

February 1st - Amplified Ale House Backstage, San Diego CA

February 11th - Three Clubs, Hollywood CA

March 6th - Harvard & Stone, Hollywood CA

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